Relationship between ancient cultures and astronomy


Astronomy is one field that has been of prime importance in shaping up the culture of different countries. There have been many scientists that came up with their inventions to help us understand various astronomical concepts. Astronomy dates back to older civilizations that were there around 4000 years ago, it was important for the scientists to understand their concepts and solve various mysteries. Some of the famous astronomical concepts in different cultures are:

Greek civilization: The Greek astronomers have had huge impact on various forms of astronomy. The main reason behind the achievements of Greek astrophysicists is the invasions of Alexander. In ancient times Greek was known to be the default language of many scholars around the world. Alexander had reached almost all the countries around the world and this was the reason why most of the scholars started using Greek as their default language in astronomy. The biggest contribution of Greek astronomers has been in defining the circumference of Earth.

Babylonian Astronomy: Babylonian civilization has been credited for various concepts and formulas as they were the first civilization that started writing things down. They observed the sky and the stars and noted many things that helped them develop the star catalogues. They had closely observed the movement of Sun and Moon to understand the position of various celestial objects.

Incan astronomy: Inca civilization had developed its own calendar that was based on the movements in the sky. The star clusters had a huge impact on their culture and movement of Pleiades star helped them decide the amount of rainfall that they would have in a particular year. The Incan astronomy was hugely affected with the invasion of Spanish rulers but people are still aware of the lunar calendar developed by the astrophysics of that time.

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